Hands-on lessons take you all the way from approaching a horse for the first time – to your first ride.

Horsemanship lessons cost $35 per session/hour, using your horse or mine. Some lesson skills may take longer to master than others, so instruction topics and practice may span 2-3 sessions before the student is comfortable or ready to advance.

Complete Lesson Outline

Lessons include:

  • safety rules
  • horse communication using body language
  • understanding their nature
  • tack
  • haltering
  • tying and leading

In the meantime, students also learn:

  • feeding, watering
  • grooming
  • warning signs of injury

Sessions are taught on an individual basis, or for a very limited number of people per class.

My First Time Horse Owner Program is designed for those who would like to buy a horse or pony for the first time, and need to learn the basics of horse care and safety.

For parents who are looking for a horse or pony for their child: The child is the primary student, since they are usually the ones who will be the caregiver of their own pony.

While the child may be the one taking care of the pony and learning the basics of horsemanship and riding, owning a horse is a family responsibility. Therefore, a parent must be involved.

One parent will oversee the lessons because they need to learn and understand the basics as well, including what to look for when shopping for a horse. Information will also include things that the child cannot do, such as purchasing the horse, what to do in an emergency,  and expenses.

Below are some pictures of my former students.

Click on a photo below and see an enlarged version: