Mairzy Doats is a small operation that consists of a one-acre pasture and a fenced dry lot with a round pen. I don’t board horses nor have hired help. I have a run-in shed as opposed to a large building.  My program is very low-key, one-on-one, and formatted for the backyard horse owner. I own two horses–Prize, a Tennessee Walking Horse, and Jackie, a Palomino quarter horse.


Alosha Riding Jackie


Using Brandi Previously for Lessons

Because of Jackie’s training level, I use her for demonstrations and lessons.

Other stables in this area focus more on riding of various disciplines, giving very little if any introductory, hands-on experience in caring for a horse, entry-level riding and general information to prepare you and/or your youngster for ownership.

Click the “Play” arrow button below and enjoy a trio of horses having a great time, galloping and playing like kids at camp!