Don’t let 1,200 pounds push you around …

Palomino King, by Juana Terrazas

Palomino King,
by Juana Terrazas

Mairzy Doats is dedicated to “backyard” horse owners and specializes in first-time ownership, helping horse lovers learn first hand the basics in horse care and safety. I also highlight related issues which help you weigh the financial responsibility involved with keeping horses (ideally, before you buy).

Barbara Harshner

Barbara Harshner

I offer fun-filled Horsemanship Lessons – for Humanstargeting horse behavior, their nature, approaching, grooming as well as exposure to entry-level riding for the young or the young at heart. Whatever your goals – to own a horse in the future, or if you already own a horse and would like to improve your horsemanship skills – my laid-back approach will encourage and not condemn your efforts!

I also provide Lessons – for Horses to help teach new or polish up and refine existing skills. On the other hand, if you have a new foal and need help starting its training, I can also guide you with that process!

Mairzy Doats is located in Lone Jack, Missouri (between Lee’s Summit and Warrensburg on Highway 50).